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Born in Stockholm during the war - although we Swedes were living like fat fenced geese - I got equipped with an optimistic mind, which has been rather helpful in times of turbulence, when it is better to know that the big wall-like wawe you have in front of you might help you upwards, rather than fall over you... a fact that in most cases proves to be true for people familiar to ocean-sailing. But waves are not always helpful, as we do know...

Although always drawing and painting I never hesitated in my choice of education and therefor, following the fot-steps of Gauguin, Kandinsky, Matisse and Léger, started to study law. Honestly speaking interfoliated with a lot of other non-academic studies of greater importance for the future life, a fact that in my curriculum gives the impression that these law-studies were not to be finished until every aspect in the world of jura was properly penetrated. On the other hand an extremely rapid journey to the same law-degree has in modern swedish history proved to be fatal (Hammarskiöld and Palme), a fact that in those days was only half as well known as now.

Well - after examination at the Law Faculty of the University of Stockholm I worked some years at the lawyer's office of my father followed by three years at the Swedish Employer's Organisation (SAF) - at the same time my mind partly in drawing and painting, including office-hours, a fact which caused a friendly debate with my boss, who generously said that I fullfilled my work in an impecable way, though he thought it might not be good for the discipline in the office with someone painting oil-colours on canvas in the office-room. My opinion that it was better everyone within normal limits made what they wanted, for example the typewriter-girls calmly reading ladies-magazines in stead of nervously hiding them under the chair, as long as they properly handled their job, made my boss end the conference saying "Staffan, do as you want, just remember to keep your door closed".

However, finally I realized that this was not my cup of anything, so when by coincidence occured an old wooden ruin for sale in the archipelago of Stockholm I did not hesitate to try to get it - and at the same time almost unlimited space and time for my art-production.

My boss - avoiding problems - asked me to try to find a successor, which was easy, as the work was considered to be a so called "good-career-job". So two weeks after my first contact with this site ( Djuröbadens Pensionat ), an old summer-vacation-pension-house built in 1884 (the last remaining of the kind, which in the old days was very common in the archipelago), I found myself suddenly living in a place where no one cared about what I was doing - that was except the bank, which after some weeks started to send reminders about delayed payments, a fact that somewhat unespected threw me into a combined career of / artist / restaurateur / hotelier / interior-designer / plumber / carpenter / architect / wall-painter / lawyer / garbage-man / psycoanalyst / harbour-captain / anti-authorities-fighter etc., etc.

33 years later, 2007, the buildings totally renovated and brought into modern standards, I sold it and moved to Spain. The new owners, only following the foot-steps of the Council of Stockholm of the 60's, having no emotional feeling for the building or for taking care of a cultural treasure, had it broken down in order to construct five large shoe-boxes with some ten appartments. But due to the latest news (summer 2010) these plans seem to have been recently changed, why now the place is for sale again; without the main-building.

Had my pictures still been on the walls they would all have been consumed by the Caterpillar - which would have saved me a practical problem - but as they were not included in the deal, their future - as every one´s - is unknown and for the time being not even the Sky knows if, when, where or how they might be exposed, so please WELCOME to have a look at the PICTURES and visit some corners of the BUILDING or to look at the old beautiful wooden-boats in our home-built HARBOUR.

May 2007 I moved down to the province of Malaga, where since then some painting, scetching and other activities now and then are going on.






Ottil Lisa Joel
1978- Ottil
1981- Lisa
1989- Joel
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  • Arla Coldinu Orden
    Stockholm   from 1965 
  • Club Taurino
    Lund   from 1967 
  • Peña Taurina los Suecos
  • Sällskapet
    Stockholm   from 1981
  • Karolinska Förbundet
    Stockholm   from 1981
  • SyraksOrden
    Helsingfors   from ca. 2005
  • Svenska Folkskolans Vänner
    Helsingfors   from 2003
  • Asociación de Arte y Cultura
    Marbella   from 2006
  • Order of Freemasons
    Stockholm   ca. 1966-69
  • Karlbergs Bollklubb
    Stockholm   1953 - ca. 1993
  • The Artist Club
    Stockholm   ca. 1995